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Ubisoft Ignoring PC for Upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:23PM

Piracy has forced Ubisoft to take the console-only approach to its upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier military simulation game. PC Gamers still have Ghost Recon Online to look forward to, and apparently this is the only Ghost Recon we're going to get from Ubisoft. "We are giving away most of the content for free because there's no barrier to entry," says Ubisoft's Sébastien Arnoult. With no DRM to plague PC gamers, Ghost Recon Online is a step in the right direction for the company, but even a PC port of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier would have been a welcome sight. "When we started Ghost Recon Online we were thinking about Ghost Recon: Future Solider; having something ported in the classical way without any deep development, because we know that 95% of our consumers will pirate the game. So we said okay, we have to change our mind," explains Arnoult.

This isn't the first time that Ubisoft is steering a game away from the PC platform, though. The previously rumored-to-be-canceled I Am Alive title was initially thought to be released for PC alongside consoles, but it's now a console-exclusive. "Perhaps it will only take twelve guys three months to port the game to PC, it’s not a massive cost but it’s still a cost. If only 50,000 people buy the game then it’s not worth it," says Creative Director Stanislas Mettra.

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Muchoman1 on November 25, 2011 10:38PM
ಠ_ಠ i dissaprove
Hellfire29 on November 26, 2011 01:36AM
50,000 people would be worth it. At $60 a pop, that's $3,000,000. Digitally distribute that, like on Steam and you've easily payed those 12 guys plus made a hefty profit.
Guest comment
matt on November 26, 2011 03:13AM
I thought the console losses were far higher than PC due to the grey market reselling...
DanTheGamer11 on November 26, 2011 03:33AM
Developers dob't get $60 in most cases...
Stonerboy779 on November 26, 2011 01:25PM
"Piracy has forced Ubisoft" I seariosly doubt that if that was the case we wouldn't have dvd/blu ray movies anymore. Companies would force you to be searched apon entering a cinema to remove any forms of media that could record the movie. Then once it finishes it's play in cinemas they wouldn't make a dvd or blu ray of it because it would too easily be pirated. ubisoft is making up a lame ass excuse so it doesn't need to develop for pc. Easier to create the game when you know the exact specs of the hardware. no need to try and optimise for various hardware set ups.
_TheAlexO on November 26, 2011 06:32PM
WOW are you fraking kidding me?!
Danrik on November 27, 2011 04:57PM
I'm sorry, what? "because 95% of our customers will pirate the game?" How about go and stick your crappy company where the sun wont shine.
nahuelcutrera on November 27, 2011 07:05PM
it's hilariuos how this guys try to trick us into thinking that there's more piracy on PC than in the consoles , thats absolutely bullshit. PS3 and xbox have actually more piracy and more people that buy the games too, they are just more people, in my country I don't even know someone that has and original xbox360 or ps3 game, they have all pirated copies ... in fact it's a lot easier to pirate an xbox 360 game than a pc one, you don't even need a crack for the xbox.
ekiM on November 27, 2011 09:02PM
95%? L
DanTheGamer11 on November 28, 2011 09:23AM
Danrik that's what they are doing XD Nice to see Argentina pirating their game and pirating on 360 is much more complicated... can't play online either. At least they is giving free game(is it?)...
slick2500 on November 28, 2011 01:25PM
Sorry I'm allergic to bullshit.

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