Corsair Announces Quad Channel Dominator and Vengeance Memory

CheeseMan42 - November 15, 2011 04:36PM in Memory

Corsair has announced quad channel additions to its Dominator and Vengeance memory lines to match with the LGA-2011 socket Intel processors. The Dominator memory sets run at 1.5V and will be available in capacities of 16GB and 32GB. The 16GB sets will have frequencies of 1866MHz and 2133MHz, while the 32GB sets will come in frequencies of 1600MHz and 1866MHz. The Vengeance series features sets of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, and all but two of them run at 1.5V. All of the sets run at 1600MHz, with different timings providing the differentiation between the sets of the same capacity. The Dominator series features Corsair DHX+ heat spreaders, while the Vengeance series has aluminum heat spreaders available in Jet Black, Racing Red, and Military Green, with the Military Green sets running at 1.35V.