ASUS X79 Motherboard Details Revealed

bp9801 - November 10, 2011 10:01PM in Motherboards

Intel is gearing up to release the Sandy Bridge-E processors, and that means a new motherboard series will launch with them. The Sandy Bridge-E processors work on the 2011 socket, so that means you will need an Intel X79 series motherboard to run the new chips. ASUS is one of the leading motherboard manufacturers in the world, and it is no surprise to see it launch some X79 motherboards. The initial X79 motherboards will be the P9X79 Series, TUF Sabertooth X79, Work Station Series, and the ROG Rampage IV Extreme. The P9X79 motherboards will be aimed at the average user, the TUF Sabertooth at those needing an always-on system, the Work Station motherboards for those needing a plethora of features, and finally the ROG at the extreme gamer or overclocker.

The P9X79 Series features a UEFI graphical user interface for quick and easy setup, DIGI+ Power and Digi+ DRAM technology, and ASUS SSD Caching. You will also find ASUS USB BIOS Flashback that lets you update the BIOS without needing a CPU, video card, or hard drive attached to the motherboard. The TUF Sabertooth motherboards feature a new generation of TUF Thermal Armor and DIGI+ Power technology to ensure your system stays stable during 24/7 operation. The new Thermal Radar technology incorporates twelve embedded sensors to detect heat levels across the motherboard and can automatically adjust fan speeds to help keep the system running cool. Not much information has been revealed so far about the Work Station or ROG motherboards, but the ROG Rampage IV Extreme is built to offer the highest overclocking potential for the new Sandy Bridge-E processors, along with new technologies to help you stay ahead in the game.