Rainbow 6: Patriots Prototype Video Released from Ubisoft

bp9801 - November 4, 2011 03:57PM in Gaming

Yesterday, we told you that Ubisoft had announced a new entry in the Rainbow Six series, Rainbow 6: Patriots. The game sees Team Rainbow face off against the True Patriots, a group that is not happy with how the American government is being run. Rainbow 6: Patriots will not be released until 2013, but that does mean Ubisoft is not looking for the opinions of gamers on what the game will be like. Today, Ubisoft has released a prototype video of Rainbow 6: Patriots and is looking for feedback from gamers. None of the footage involved is gameplay footage, it is merely to gauge our reactions to it. The video is mostly in first-person, though it does zoom out on occasion. I have to warn you, it is pretty intense and shows a very strong narrative take on the Rainbow Six series. It is not safe for work due to some language, violence, and intense action, so just keep that in mind when watching.