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Samsung's Flexible, Bending Cell Phone: The Galaxy Skin

Category: General News
Posted: 06:14AM

Modern cell phones can perform hundreds of tasks thanks to mobile apps, but physical flexibility has never been its strong suit. If you put too much pressure on the AMOLED screen of your high-end smartphone, it's bound to crack from the force. Samsung could have the solution to that problem with its latest mobile phone technology: a kinetic, bendable, OLED cell phone that can be folded in half without the risk of getting the screen cracked or damaging its inner components.

First seen at CES 2011, the Galaxy Skin is Samsung's concept flexible phone. While we don't have the hard details on the phone specs, it's speculated that this bendable phone will be 8 mm thick, Android-ready, armed with a 8 MP camera and configured with 16 to 32 GB of storage, along with a 800X480 screen resolution. It won't be a concept product for long, as the South Korean manufacturer is aiming for a release window sometime in 2012. Initial Samsung demonstrations show just how flexible the Galaxy Skin is: apparently it can be used as a media stand, or even as a wearable watch. Samsung just might be on to something really cool here.


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