How to Build a Hobbit House

edwardquilo - November 3, 2011 07:16AM in General News

Ah, the cozy, down-to-earth sensibilities of a hobbit house. Anyone with a penchant for a low-energy, environmentally-friendly home is bound to be attracted to these pint-sized dwellings. In fact, Simon Dale of Southwest Wales built his own hobbit-inspired dream house with just £3,000(around $4,786), and some help from friends and family. Dale's house was constructed without any adverse environmental impact to its surroundings, utilizing materials sourced from nearby woods, eco-friendly energy sources, and a little creativity thrown in to the mix.

Everything inside Dale's house, from the flooring, windows, and pipes, were acquired from discarded materials. Lime plaster was used to coat the interior walls, while a wood burner keeps the house warm, and a cleverly designed piping system filters cool air from the earth to maintain the refrigerator's temperature. Daytime lighting is provided by a skylight, and Dale also uses solar panels to power his household electronics. Interested in building a similar setup for your next house? Then pay a friendly visit to Dale's website for more details on how to build a hobbit house within budget.