Lineage II Going Free-to-Play Later this Year

bp9801 - November 2, 2011 08:21PM in Gaming

Eventually, every MMORPG currently running will switch over to the free-to-play model, as it just seems to be a way to prolong the life of those types of games. Typically, when an MMO goes F2P, it is simply code for "you can play our game for free, but to do anything else, you need to pay money." NCSoft is trying to change that with its popular MMO, Lineage II. When the Goddess of Destruction expansion launches later this year, Lineage II will become free-to-play, but it won't be like other F2P games. Free players will have access to everything a paid player will, with no tiers or limitations on anything. Free players can still purchase items, but those will provide mostly cosmetic benefits. It is good to see an upcoming F2P MMO not try to nickel and dime you to become a paid player, which I am sure will be welcome by many.