Is an iPad 2 Dressed in Dinosaur Bones and Diamonds Worth $8 Million?

edwardquilo - November 1, 2011 08:30AM in Gadgets

Sure, there are a lot of ludicrously expensive gadgets out there, but Stuart Hughes's iPad 2 Gold History Edition probably takes the crown as the priciest tablet on earth. What other tablet is there that's decked out with gold, diamonds, and the shaved thigh bone of a 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex? But that dinosaur fossil isn't the only thing that makes this iPad 2 apparently worth eight million dollars: aside from the 53 diamonds and 24-carat gold exterior, it's also based on ammolite rock, which covers the device's front frame. Other than that, though, it's still the same iPad 2 that you can grab at your nearest Apple Store.

Stuart Hughes is making only two of these, but even if you did have a cool eight million dollars to spare, would you even consider buying one?