Apple Kills Old App for New iPhone

Guest_Jim_* - October 5, 2011 09:07AM in Mobile

At yesterday’s Apple press conference, one of the main items was the voice-control system called Siri. For those of you who do not follow iOS apps, Siri is not a new product but dates back over 18 months and was available for every iOS device. Apple bought Siri and then stopped releasing updates to it, but yesterday, before the end of the press conference, they took it offline. Siri uses servers to perform some of its functions but those were shutdown, making the app useless to those who already own and use it. The message which comes up when trying to use Siri states a newer, better version of the app is coming to the iPhone 4S. Until the release of the new phone though, it appears no one will have access to some of the wonderful functionality Apple stressed yesterday, and even then, the next form Siri takes may require the hardware found in the iPhone 4S.