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Bethesda Working to Fix Issues with RAGE

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:16PM

One of the biggest titles of the year, RAGE, just launched today. Some of you, myself included, probably started playing the game when it was unlocked late last night. The game is technically brilliant with a wonderful game engine that is highly detailed, but the problem lies with a plethora of bugs. RAGE suffers from texture pop-in, artifacting, poor mouse control, audio crackles, and more. The texture pop-in is particularly annoying, as it happens whenever you move the mouse quickly to look around. The game uses id Tech 5, which is a gorgeous game engine, but the textures do not load up until you are actually looking in that area on screen. Due to that, whenever you quickly look around, the textures have a noticeable delay before they show. Bethesda Softworks, publisher of RAGE, knows the issues affecting the PC version of the game and is working closely with AMD, NVIDIA, and developer id Software to fix these issues. Last night while playing, I experienced the texture pop-in as well as some missing audio whenever I was driving the first vehicle around. It also appeared that multiple graphics cards did not help, since only one of mine was being used anywhere close to capacity.

AMD is working on an optimized driver for RAGE, which should be released shortly. NVIDIA's latest beta driver should help, though it is possible a new one will be developed. Id Software is hopefully working on a patch to correct the texture pop-in, audo crackles, and other issues. We'll just have to see when any of these fixes come out and just how much of a help any of them are.

Update: The AMD video driver has been released, and you can download it here.

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