Man Throws 4,800 Bottled Messages into the Sea, Gets 3,100 Replies

edwardquilo - October 1, 2011 06:48AM in General News

Credit this determined Canadian for steadfastly using what could be the world's slowest form of social networking: a message in a bottle. For the past 15 years Harold Hackett has been communicating with people from all over the world, not by phone or the Internet, but simply through a floating time capsule delivered by ocean waves. Starting his unusual hobby back in 1996, Hackett has since sent over 4,800 Ocean Spray juice bottles from a beach in Prince Edward Island into the Atlantic coast, and patiently waits for someone from another far-flung region to discover the enclosed message within the bottle. 

So far, he's received more than 3,000 replies globally: some from the shores of the United States and others from as far away as Ireland, South America, and Africa. A few of these bottled messages take as much as 10 years before Hackett receives any correspondence, but he doesn't seem to mind the waiting. But why does he use such an archaic form of reaching out to others? Hackett explains that he'd much rather hear from people the old fashioned way. He also stresses that he has never included his phone number on his bottled notes, only his postal address, so that people would be compelled to write him a letter instead. Hackett plans on continuing this 15-year tradition, and in the process will likely encourage more people to use a more primitive mode of social networking, without the help of modern technology.