L.A. Noire Complete Edition Headed to PC, System Requirements Revealed

bp9801 - September 28, 2011 06:28PM in Gaming

The other day, we told you that L.A. Noire would be getting a Complete Edition launch on the consoles and possibly the PC. Well, today we now know that the PC version will indeed be the Complete Edition, which brings with it all the previously released DLC. The PC version will also get the bonus of some improved graphics, keyboard remapping, gamepad support, and NVIDIA 3D Vision. L.A. Noire Complete Edition will launch on November 8th in North America and November 11th in Europe, just in time for the busy Holiday season. The game will be available on disc, on Steam, and on OnLive. We also have the system requirements for the game, and the most interesting part of that is the amount of RAM required. Rockstar has it ranging between 2GB and 8GB, which makes it one of the first times that a PC game is actually recommending 8GB of RAM. That is good news for people who have 8GB or more, but bad news for those who are still using 4GB.

System Specifications:

Aside from the RAM, there are no real surprises here on the system specifications front. The hard drive space is getting to be a pretty standard affair, and with the price of 1TB+ drives the way they are, you should not be worried about that. So, will you need any upgrades for L.A. Noire Complete Edition?