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TES V: Skyrim Voice Cast Includes Academy Award Nominees

Category: Gaming
Posted: 02:28PM

Video games may not always pull from voice actors that are very well known, though in time certain voice actors can be quite famous. Some big name games can carry enough clout to land Hollywood actors, such as the latest from Bethesda Softworks. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim voice cast features several Academy Award nominees, many of who I am sure you have watched on the big screen. Academy Award nominees Christopher Plummer ("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"), Max Von Sydow ("The Exorcist"), and Joan Allen ("The Bourne Ultimatum") have been announced as members of the cast for Skyrim, which are all voicing main NPCs you will encounter.

Christopher Plummer, an Emmy and Tony Award winner, will voice the part of Arngeir, a "powerful Greybeard elder." The Greybeards are masters of the Way of the Voice, the ability that your main character will gain in order to battle dragons. Max Von Sydow voices the role of Esbern, a chronicler and agent of the Blades that has survived by hiding. Esbern will teach you how to confront Alduin, the World Eater, to save the land of Skyrim. Joan Allen, a Tony Award winner, makes her video game debut as the voice of Delphine, one of the few remaining members of the Blades. Delphine is trying to unravel the mystery of the dragons, so she could be an important ally on your quest. Additionally, TV's "Wonder Woman," Lynda Carter, voices Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, a Nordic hero that overthrew the dragons in ancient times.

Michael Hogan ("Battlestar Galactica"), Vladimir Kulich ("The 13th Warrior"), Claudia Christian ("Babylon 5"), Diane Louis Salinger ("Carnivale"), Renee Victor ("Weeds"), and George Coe ("Transformers: Dark of the Moon") are some more highlights of Skyrim's voice cast. Just judging by these names, Bethesda is going all out on the voice work for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I cannot wait to hear their voices in the game, and not to mention see what the story is like, so November 11th cannot get here fast enough.

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nickk47 on September 27, 2011 05:26PM
+1 for quality voice acting!!!!

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