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Eidos Montreal Says Boss Fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution 'Not Deus Ex Boss Fights'

Category: Gaming
Posted: 07:32AM

Deus Ex: Human Revolution launched near the end of August to much praise. The one thing that was not praised, were the boss fights in the game. No matter how you were taking your character through the game, be it combat or stealth, those boss fights required you to use your weapons to take them down. We've heard that those boss fights were outsourced to a different company, but so far Eidos Montreal has not spoken about it. That is, until now, when the project lead from Eidos Montreal said that the boss fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution were "not Deus Ex boss fights." The project lead, Jean-François Dugas, knows that because of that, those fights were not popular with much of anyone who played the game. Dugas says his team will "live and learn," but that he expected people to find the fights interesting. Instead, many people were frustrated by the boss fights, something that surprised the team. Dugas says the playtesters for Human Revolution never let his team know the boss fights were frustrating, so the team went with them anyway. Perhaps if a sequel gets made, Eidos Montreal can take these lessons from the actual gamers who played Human Revolution and make an even better game next time.

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