Xbox Live to Appear on Windows 8

bp9801 - September 14, 2011 08:14AM in Operating Systems

Microsoft has been holding its Build 2011 conference, so news on the upcoming Windows 8 OS have been coming in pretty quick on a variety of sites. We know what to expect from the Windows Store, but now it appears that we'll get some Xbox Live in our Windows. That's right, Microsoft's Major Nelson has confirmed that Xbox Live will appear in Windows 8, being built right into the operating system. This probably has more of a meaning to Microsoft than to the users of Windows 8, but now Microsoft won't have to get people to download Games for Windows Live any longer. Xbox Live will be built in, and Major Nelson confirms that developers are being shown tools on how to work the Xbox Live integration into PC games. These tools should be pretty similar to what developers can use already to integrate Games for Windows Live, but Microsoft probably just renamed everything. While not a lot of details are available currently, Major Nelson promised that more news will be on the way. At any rate, it looks like the upcoming Xbox Live dashboard update is just a precursor to what we can expect from Windows 8.