Windows 8 Store to Sell Both Metro-Style Apps and Win32 Programs

bp9801 - September 13, 2011 10:43AM in Operating Systems

At the Build 2011 conference, Microsoft is talking up all things Windows 8. A developer preview is now live, which gives you access to the upcoming Windows Store. Windows 8 will be a one-size-fits-all OS, meaning the version for a desktop or laptop will be the same for a tablet. Microsoft is hoping that strategy will pay off and make it competitive in the tablet world, but to have a successful tablet you need a store to deliver apps and programs. That is where the Windows Store comes in, which will have both Metro-style apps and Win32 programs. The Metro-style apps will be useful for both tablets and desktops, while the Win32 programs will include ones many people rely on, like Quicken to help you run a business. Microsoft hopes the inclusion of Win32 programs in the Store gives more visibility for the ones we use, hopefully meaning the Store will be well organized. The store won't have an overlay either, meaning that whatever you see is "all Windows." A full list of supported coding options for the apps and programs is shown below.