AMD's 8.4GHz OC Crowned the Fastest CPU on Earth

edwardquilo - September 13, 2011 09:33AM in CPU's

Take that, Intel. An extremely overclocked AMD 8-core FX processor broke the world record of fastest CPU on the planet last August 31, with a lightning speed frequency of 8.429GHz. The achievement brought on a Guinness World Record, a feat made possible with several days of preparation and generous amounts of liquid Helium. This is an impressive attempt, showcasing the overclocking prowess of AMD's upcoming 8-core Bulldozer chip. 

A closer inspection of the overclocking campaign sheds light on how this was made possible, although it might diminish the accomplishment somewhat. You see, only two cores were running all throughout the overclock. Having all the other cores disabled probably helped a lot with the massive frequency boost, along with the frosty temperature of -235 degrees C to keep the CPU chilled. Despite that, a dual core clocked at 8.429GHz is still a tremendous triumph for AMD, and will no doubt generate some well-deserved buzz for the much-awaited Bulldozer FX CPU. Furthermore, the CPU-Z capture indicates that an AMD FX-8150 processor was used for the test, conducted by pro overclocker Sami Mäkinen aka "macci" in Austin, Texas. Luckily for us, OverclockersClub had the chance to witness this momentous AMD event firsthand last August 31, too.