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Become a Vampire in TES V: Skyrim

Category: Gaming
Posted: 05:22AM

Fancy yourself playing as a bloodthirsty creature of the night in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Wish granted, as vampires will not only stalk the wintry moonlit Skyrim landscape, but can also afflict you with their undead disease, much like they did in previous Elder Scrolls games. Those who spent 100+ hours in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion probably crossed paths with a vampire, and got infected whether they wanted to or not. Bethesda promises an in-depth vampire experience for Skyrim, should you choose not to cure your affliction. Sure, you might find yourself weakened while being exposed to the sun's harsh rays, but you could easily drink the blood of sleeping humans at night to recover your lost health. If you're up to it, as a vampire you can even take down a huge, fire-breathing dragon too. Now, if Bethesda could somehow squeeze in lycanthropy into the mix, we'd have a proper supernatural RPG showdown. 


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