AMD Says Zambezi Parts to Ship in Quarter Four

bp9801 - September 9, 2011 10:53AM in CPU's

I know what you're thinking. The AMD Bulldozer parts have already shipped, but those are the Interlagos server CPUs. The Interlagos is a server-only CPU, meaning there will be no desktop version of it. For that, we are waiting on the Zambezi products to launch, but now it seems those have slipped to quarter four of this year. Do not be alarmed, since the fourth quarter starts pretty soon and we should begin to see products arriving in October. These will be the Bulldozer CPUs that many of you have been waiting for, myself included, so it should not be much longer before we can purchase one. The Zambezi products will carry the FX branding, and in fact the AMD FX website has been live for the better part of three months. That is a little unheard of considering the products aren't even out yet, but AMD will soon correct that. So, when the AMD Bulldozer desktop CPUs launch, how many of you will pick one up?