Windows 8 To Deliver Fast Boot Times

edwardquilo - September 9, 2011 09:37AM in Operating Systems

Want Windows to boot faster but can't afford an expensive SSD? Microsoft might have a Windows 8 solution to that. The software giant reports that Windows 8 boot times are 30 to 70 percent faster compared to Windows 7, without the need for a cold boot. This new method of a fast startup appears to be something of a cross between a state of hibernation and a cold boot. 

Windows 8 does this by ending all the open sessions when you turn off your PC, similar to what Windows 7 does. However, Windows 8 goes one further by selecting just the kernel session into hibernation. According to Microsoft, this speeds up the boot times because the method takes less time to write the data to the hard disk. The current state and memory of the PC is copied on to a disk file, which in turn, is recovered when the computer is turned back on. Windows 8 also uses a multi-phase resume feature, which utilizes all cores of a CPU in parallel, to delegate the chores of content decompression and hiberfile analysis during the boot process. Complete shutdowns can also be done through the Windows 8 UI, for tasks that require a cold boot (such as hardware upgrades). 

Head on to the MSDN blog for a more in-depth look at how Windows 8 enables a much faster boot time.