AMD Rumored to Release Unlocked Multipliers for A-Series Llano APUs

edwardquilo - September 8, 2011 06:50PM in CPU's

An Xbitlabs news article indicates that AMD is gearing up to provide customers with A-series Fusion Llano APUs that have unlocked multipliers. Designated with the familiar "K" moniker, AMD's lineup will consist of the A8-3870K(clocked at 3.0GHz) expected in Q4 2011, and the A6-3670K(2.7Ghz). These are evidently targeted at performance users and overclockers, although by design the Llano series wasn't intended for such a market. 

As these Llano K chips are scheduled with the same release window as the high-end Zambezi FX line of processors in Q4 2011, these two might find themselves inadvertently competing against each other. Although performance-wise, the FX CPUs should have no problem differentiating its Bulldozer-enhanced architecture against the more mainstream Llano offering.