Rumors Talks About Another Delay of Ivy Bridge and Bulldozer

Prunes - September 6, 2011 01:47AM in CPU's

Both AMD and Intel are supposedly getting ready to launch its new CPU architectures before the end of this year, but now rumors are suggesting that both companies might delay the introductions of the CPUs.

According to the rumors, Intel will cut back on the capital investment for the upgrade of the Fab 24 facility, which would make the factory capable of manufacturing the 22nm architecture. Apparently, Intel is doing it because the PC demand is weakening according to both Forbes and DigiTimes. For most companies, it seems logical to cut back on investments when the market is weakening. But that’s not what Intel has done in the past. Historically, Intel has often chosen to invest and innovate its way out of financial problems or weak demand instead of saving up. Therefore it seems rather strange that it would do the complete opposite now.

AMD’s Bulldozer is also rumored to be delayed. The argument for this is that AMD hasn’t confirmed officially that it shipped its upcoming server-class Bulldozer products for revenue at some point in August. If that was to be true though, it would be quite a strange move by AMD, since Wall Street and all the potential buyers wouldn’t take too kindly on another delay so close to the anticipated launch date.