Richard Garriott had Discussions with EA to Develop New Ultima Games

edwardquilo - September 5, 2011 01:47PM in Gaming

The famed RPG developer Richard Garriott (a.k.a. Lord British) recently sat down with EA representatives on possibly creating new Ultima titles. With the last Ultima game released over 12 years ago, he was hoping to revive the EA-owned franchise for a new generation of gamers. Unfortunately, EA didn't seem to be too enthusiastic about Garriott's idea. Still, he remains hopeful, saying that if EA does change its mind, he'll keep his door open.

If EA ever does get around to resurrecting Ultima, it would be interesting to see the land of Britannia re-imagined with modern graphics. As for the game itself, will it be a continuation of the cataclysmic events from Ultima IX: Ascension, another MMORPG, or an open-world reboot along the lines of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series? There's a wealth of possibilities here, should EA green-light the project.