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Sony Says Microsoft is 'Protecting an Inferior Technology'

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:36PM

Companies are certainly no stranger to talking badly about a competitor, no matter what the subject is. Today, we have a Sony executive talking about Microsoft, and it is a pretty cut and dry subject. SCEA's Rob Dyer, senior VP of publisher relations, says that Microsoft is "protecting an inferior technology" after revelations last week that Microsoft reserves the right to veto any content that is released first on the PlayStation Network. If something releases first on the PSN, Microsoft can block it from releasing on Xbox Live Arcade. Microsoft's third party guidelines say that games released on the Xbox 360 must launch "at least simultaneously" with other consoles and must have "at least" the same features. If neither one of those are met, then Microsoft can block the game from being released on XBLA. Dyer says that is because Microsoft can't do what Sony does, even with disc-based games since those have to be under 9GB due to the DVD nature of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft does not like when a publisher negotiates something exclusive with Sony for the PS3, since it would be perceived as better on the PS3 than the 360. Dyer claims that Microsoft is trying to eliminate everything Sony does for the consumer to better protect its inferior technology. Dyer also said that independent developers are realizing that Sony does not demand "a pound of flesh" to get something released on its platform. He also stressed Valve's work with Portal 2 on the PS3 and CCP's plans with Dust 514, something that would not be possible on the 360. Dust 514 is an FPS tied into the EVE Online universe, so your actions in the FPS directly correlate to something in the PC MMORPG, like the capture of a planet.

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Guest comment
sclar on September 5, 2011 04:02PM
yes the xbox is inferior. and microsoft needs to get them self's together.
Guest comment
Steven on September 6, 2011 01:38AM
Kimda funny comming from a guy with the email account poopie brain. Wow just goes to show u the kind of people sony has going for it. Microsoft isnt protecting its self. Its protecting the consumer. If microsoft vetos something isnt that helping sony cause than sony gets more sales u guys must be dumb. You sony lovers should be thanking microsoft if it werent for them sony would have gone bank rupt and youd be paying for your psn by now. Your welcome. But hey you guys get an inferior online service while we xbl users get a bad ass one. Maybe one day we will get to go head to head xbl vs psn.
DanTheGamer11 on September 6, 2011 09:37AM
Meh Xbox is still funner... even though its 'inferior' even though it has more ram and so can have parties and play music during a gaming session...

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