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Apple Claims Android Started in Its Office

Category: Mobile
Posted: 10:39AM

By now I'm sure you've all heard and seen the nasty legal battle between Samsung and Apple, where Apple claims all of Samsung's products are rips on Apple's products. Apple has even won some injunctions against Samsung in Germany, effectively banning the Samsung products from being sold. Today, Apple has a new complaint that takes a run at the Android OS itself. Back in the early 1990s, Android inventor Andy Rubin worked at Apple as a low-level engineer. That right there, according to Apple, is grounds for it to seek a ban on all Android products sold. You see, Apple claims that while Rubin was working at Apple, it was his superiors that that invented the realtime API that Android is based on, and was not done while Rubin worked at General Magic and Danger. Danger was bought by Google mainly for the operating system, which would become Android.

Apple has filed a complaint with the ITC, meaning it has some truthful facts to support this claim, and means that if Apple were to sue Google directly, could possibly receive an injunction. That would mean that all Android devices would be banned from sale and Apple would take a ton of money. Now, to me this all smells like the beginnings of a monopoly, so hopefully nothing comes out of this. If it does, well, I hope you like Apple products.

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Locutus on September 5, 2011 11:55AM
And with HP pulling all WebOS devices, well we really are looking at a monopoly. XD
SpeedCrazy on September 5, 2011 12:29PM
Why don't they come up with something to make people want to buy their stuff not force them to buy their stuff. They have gone from innovation to patent trolls.
VaporX on September 5, 2011 02:17PM
I love how Apple cries foul out of one side of it's mouth while id does the same thing it is complaining about out the other side.
GaiusMaxwell on September 5, 2011 10:03PM
Apple don't have any innovation left, their party piece is to release a device without a camera and then 6 months later release the same device but with a camera and call it new --- Early reports for the iphone 5 are saying it is exactly an iphone 4 with a slightly bigger screen.
DanTheGamer11 on September 6, 2011 08:32AM
I thought there were laws made to prevent monopolies...

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