Official Portal Socks Now Available

bp9801 - September 2, 2011 06:12PM in Gaming

Video game merchandise seems to be on everything these days, from action figures to plush toys and even glassware. Clothing is another avenue you can choose to proudly display some of your favorite games, and today we have something aimed at those who have played Portal. Clothing company J!NX has created a pair of officially licensed Portal 2 Long Fall Socks, based on the design of the Long Fall Boots worn by Chell in the game. These socks won't exactly keep you safe when falling from a great height, but they will look stylish on you. The socks are only available in women's sizes, possibly because Chell is a female in the game, so these are ideal for those girl gamers or girlfriend's of gamers. The Long Fall Socks are knee-high socks, almost perfectly replicating the look of the Long Fall Boots from Portal 2. At a price of only $10, these would be an ideal gift for the girl gamer in your life. However, J!NX is currently out of stock, so it'd be best to sign up to be notified of when more inventory arrives.