PSN Adds Three Million Users After Hack

bp9801 - September 2, 2011 01:47PM in Gaming

The PlayStation Network hack earlier this year was pretty ugly, with all 70 million plus users being affected by it. It took Sony around a month to get the service back online, and in that time the PSN has even seen some growth. Since the service was restored in May, more than three million new people have joined the PlayStation Network. Sony CEO Howard Stringer says that the PSN is now "more secure and better than ever," with sales on the service having exceeded the numbers they were before the hack in April. It seems Sony has put the ugly days of the hack long behind it, and should be seeing plenty of growth. This year was not too kind to Sony, with the earthquake in Japan being followed by the PSN hack, but now things are starting to turn around. The amount of new people joining the PlayStation Network is a positive sign, and a step in the right direction for Sony.