Dead Island Nears Release Date

edwardquilo - September 2, 2011 09:14AM in Gaming

Dead Island held gamers spellbound for a span of three minutes when its dramatic Forward/Reverse trailer was released early this year. It is perhaps because of this chilling video and musical score that a lot of people(non-gamers included) took notice of Techland's zombie title. Since the past few months we've also seen the game in action, although the actual gameplay might not have the dramatic resonance that its initial video suggested. Still, Dead Island's focus on melee based combat, an open world island, four-player co-op campaign, and role-playing elements make it a potential standout among other zombie-infested shooters out there. The latest release trailer features the game's four playable characters, giving us an outline of this unlikely band of zombie-slayers' story as they fight hordes of the undead, long enough to get rescued. 

So, if you're wondering where to spend your next virtual vacation, the fictional island of Banoi might be a good idea. Just bring along a zombie-proof machete. Dead Island will be available September 6 in the US, and worldwide on September 9, 2011