Ford Evos: The Social Networking Car of Tomorrow

edwardquilo - September 2, 2011 07:12AM in General News

Here's an intelligent and sexy car for the bustling social networker. The Ford Evos is a hybrid concept automobile that connects you online with your social network buddies, and helps with the navigation by pointing out the quickest routes to your destination. Ford designed this futuristic car to be connected online at all times, to automatically update your work schedule, monitor the traffic and weather conditions, and to safely assist you in your driving. 

First seen in Germany, the gorgeously designed Evos integrates your information between the office, home and car, such as listening to the last song you played at home in your car. The vehicle's sensors monitor your physical state and workload, and will automatically adjust the car's temperature, music, and handling to make the driving experience more comfortable. 

Although the sleek Evos isn't scheduled for mass production, Ford says that it intends to apply the car's technology into its upcoming vehicle lineup. So it wouldn't be far fetched that in a few years time, you'll be updating your online status from your Ford Expedition.