University of Leicester Reporting to Sick Bay

Guest_Jim_* - September 2, 2011 12:38PM in Science & Technology

For anyone going on a mission of deep space exploration, from astronauts traveling to Mars to the various captains of Star Trek, health is of incredible concern; there are no doctors to make a house call, except those you bring. Of course, the captains had the advantage of a few hundred years more of medical advancement, but we are catching up. Scientists at the University of Leicester have created the Leicester Diagnostics Development Unit that operates without probes and blood tests. Many diseases present themselves externally as a scent and colors, and some biometrics, such as heart rate, can be observed without invasive procedures. This modern day ‘sick bay’ combines these technologies into a single facility for comprehensive diagnoses of patients. The research team hopes of spreading their diagnostic technology to hospitals and maybe even ambulances in the future.