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University of Leicester Reporting to Sick Bay

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 12:38PM

For anyone going on a mission of deep space exploration, from astronauts traveling to Mars to the various captains of Star Trek, health is of incredible concern; there are no doctors to make a house call, except those you bring. Of course, the captains had the advantage of a few hundred years more of medical advancement, but we are catching up. Scientists at the University of Leicester have created the Leicester Diagnostics Development Unit that operates without probes and blood tests. Many diseases present themselves externally as a scent and colors, and some biometrics, such as heart rate, can be observed without invasive procedures. This modern day ‘sick bay’ combines these technologies into a single facility for comprehensive diagnoses of patients. The research team hopes of spreading their diagnostic technology to hospitals and maybe even ambulances in the future.

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Guest comment
spacerone on September 2, 2011 08:48PM
To start with, a vehicle musyt be able to have a constant acceleration of ONE G. That would be comfortable to the crew. That is accomplished by the Flying Saucer. I discovered the technology and patented it. When I offered it to Nasa, the Propulsion Engineers were dead-set against it. I would make the rocket industry obsolete. If it had been applied to te Shuttles, they would have run very economically for many more years. Look at> One Terminal Capacitor Joseph Hiddink< to see the technology and patent. Be very careful, the circuit shown, when wrong potentials are used, will act like an E-Bomb and cause a disaster. With my very first experiment I almost got killed, hurt my elbow, blew a big Power Transformer on a Pole up. I had generated a pulse of over 500,000 volts. The system is very suitable for travel within our Solar system when used by a Flying Saucer. For farther explorations it will be looking like a zeppelin. All the time it will maintain a One G acceleration. With other words, it will eventually go faster than the speed of light. The Power will be tapped out of the aether. That little secret I did not describe in my patent. Whereas my discovery of Gravity Control was evaluated at $600 Billion, if the USA would have it before Russia, that power-tap idea is worth a little bit more. I was supposed to get the NObel Prize for the invention according to the Hudson Institute and my Patent Lawyer. Instead I got rejections, insults and ridicule. I still will build a real Space craft at sometime when I have the funds.

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