Acer Suffers Worse-than-Expected Q2 Results

bp9801 - August 24, 2011 07:44PM in Manufacturers

The news is not always rosy when it comes to quarterly results, as Acer is finding out today. The Taiwanese computer manufacter may be the second largest computer manufacturer in the world, but that didn't stop it from suffering worse-than-expected results for the second quarter. Acer lost about $234.1 million for Q2, which is far worse than the $114.7 million it predicted to lose. Acer is planning to change a few things with relation to its products, namely by monitoring the market for a better inventory control. The company is planning for better results in the third quarter, with Acer predicting revenue growth and increased margin compared to the last quarter. Perhaps the possibility of HP having a smaller stake in the computer business could help turn Acer's profits up again, since HP is currently the number one computer manufacturer.