AMD Intros Radeon-Branded DDR3 Memory Modules

premiumgfx - August 8, 2011 03:16AM in Memory

AMD today diversified its product line even further, with the introduction of Radeon-branded DDR3 memory kits. The new 2GB memory modules are available in three variants named 'Entertainment,' 'Ultra Pro Gaming' and 'Enterprise.' The Entertainment variant is clocked at 1333MHz with timings of 9-9-9 (CL-tRCD-tRP), where as the higher-end Ultra Pro Gaming model features 'hand-selected' components and runs at a faster speed of 1600MHz (11-11-11 timings). The specifications of the Enterprise model have not yet been outlined by AMD. Although AMD has not yet priced the Radeon-branded memory modules, the Entertainment variant has been spotted in Japanese stores for around $20. I'd expect to hear more details regarding AMD's Radeon series memory modules in the near future.