Nintendo Responds To 3DS Price Drop

gebraset - August 4, 2011 07:34PM in Manufacturers

Even with Nintendo trying to make up the sudden price drop to early adopters by giving them twenty free console games, customers have been back lashing out against the news since the announcement. The CEO of Nintendo has heard many of these complaints and has now put out a public response for these comments and questions, stating that they are just for their emotions. Satoru Iwata goes on to talk about how customers have the right to feel betrayed and punished for early adoption due to the price drop, but also states how the early adopters are important to the company overall despite this. The Nintendo CEO spoke that the price drop was due to retailers being concerned that the company has not put out a worthy successor to the ever popular DS system that first came out years ago. Obviously this response does not fix too much between the company and customers, but Iwata is hoping that his formal apology makes up for the customer anger somewhat.