A $15 Billion Box of Girl Scout Cookies. Yum!

Guest_Jim_* - August 4, 2011 12:11PM in Science & Technology

You read that title right; a single box of Girl Scout cookies can be made to be worth $15,290,697,674. It is not the box that is worth that much, or the cookies, but the carbon within the cookies that can be so valuable. James Tour of Rice University one day made a comment at a meeting that his team could grow graphene from any carbon source, even Girl Scout cookies. Someone in the room asked him to do so, so his graduate students did just that, with members of Girl Scouts of America Troop 25080 there to watch. Not only did they get to see freshly made graphene, and test that it conducts electricity, they also saw, first hand, that the form something is in, more than what the something is, can make it very valuable.