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FiOS Receives Best Rating in FCC Study

Category: Internet
Posted: 03:41PM

The FCC has conducted a study and collected data on Internet speeds received by subscribers compared to the speeds advertised by the ISP. The results are for the most part good, or for the most part bad depending on who you ask. S. Derek Turner, research director at Free Press, said "No matter how industry tries to put a positive spin on these results, the report shows conclusively that many Americans are simply not getting what they pay for." On the other side of the discussion, Georgia Tech professor Nick Feamster said "We found that the performance of US ISPs more consistently matches their advertised promises than the ISPs in other countries—they do a pretty good job." Most of the ISPs were able to deliver speeds that were 90-100% of those advertised, even during peak nighttime hours. However, several dipped into the 80-90% range during peak hours, and Cablevision even dropped to around 50%. The data used in the study was collected by a company called SamKnows that sent 9,000 special routers to Internet users across the country. These results seem in line with my real world observations, as I have never noticed a difference in speeds with FiOS, no matter what time of day.

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