US Army Offers Cash For Clothing

gebraset - August 2, 2011 01:23PM in General News

Soldiers face some of the worst conditions out of anyone, especially when heat and cold mix in areas that have a desert-like terrain. The United States Army, despite the debt problems as of right now, is offering any research team a total of one million dollars in order to make clothes that are reactive to both the elements of heat and cold. The Army wants Soldiers to be fitted with these clothing textiles so that they may perform better, especially concerning all of the extra gear that has to be worn in war-type situations and areas. Currently, metallic fabrics have been made that curl up with cold, trapping in the body heat incredibly well, and with the heat, the fabric lengthens itself to allow for more wind to pass through and body heat to dissipate. However, these fabrics made with metallic material obviously weigh a decent amount, and also are not meant for direct skin contact, which is why the United States Army is trying its best to get this technology in a skin friendly package that can be dispersed to Soldiers, presumably infantry, scouts, and other ground type MOSs.