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Japanese Scientists Develop a Robot That Thinks Like a Human

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:27PM

Japanese scientists have started development of a robot capable of remembering its past experiences, and react to its current situation with educated guesses. Just like human beings. This robot is equipped using an autonomous learning mechanism called Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network(SOINN). Designed by the Hasegawa Lab from Tokyo, the technology allows the robot to assess its surroundings, formulate possible outcomes, and apply which is best for the situation.

To demonstrate, a stationary robot in the video is assigned to pour water into a cup. This seemingly easy task could be a challenge because the robot wasn't actually programmed to perform such an action. By using SOINN, the robot figures out in the correct order on how to properly pour water into the cup, just by analyzing the items on the table. The robot then stores this successful memory for future use. A Hasegawa Lab scientist also notes that current industrial robots have limited capacity as these are only able to perform specific tasks. On the other hand, a robot equipped with SOINN, when faced with an unfamiliar assignment, will use outside sources like the Internet or other robots for information. 

Although the technology is still in the intial stages of development, perhaps at some unknown future date robots might eventually take over most of our jobs. Just look at Foxconn

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