Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Features All Five Character Classes

edwardquilo - August 2, 2011 09:27AM in Gaming

The beta footage of PC gaming's premier click-fest RPG series is out. We've got all the five playable character classes featured in this preview: the brutish Barbarian, the undead-summoning Witch Doctor, the magic-wielding Wizard, the Demon Hunter, and the Monk. The video showcases some really cool animations, including what looks like a flame-based ranged attack from the Wizard. The levels all appear to be from Act 1 of the game, which has some decrepit dungeons as well as vast outdoor environments. The gameplay closely follows that of the previous Diablo games, in that you slay monsters and grab all the loot that you can carry to either sell or use. Powerful loot will be more valuable this time around, thanks to the Auction House feature which will let you exchange items for some real world money. Character customization has also been overhauled, as there are no attributes or skill points available. Instead, new skills will be unlocked as players level up, and your attributes increase automatically. 

While some might not be too pleased with the developer's recently announced always-online DRM for Diablo 3, the game itself is poised to be yet another potential blockbuster for Blizzard.