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Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Features All Five Character Classes

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:27AM

The beta footage of PC gaming's premier click-fest RPG series is out. We've got all the five playable character classes featured in this preview: the brutish Barbarian, the undead-summoning Witch Doctor, the magic-wielding Wizard, the Demon Hunter, and the Monk. The video showcases some really cool animations, including what looks like a flame-based ranged attack from the Wizard. The levels all appear to be from Act 1 of the game, which has some decrepit dungeons as well as vast outdoor environments. The gameplay closely follows that of the previous Diablo games, in that you slay monsters and grab all the loot that you can carry to either sell or use. Powerful loot will be more valuable this time around, thanks to the Auction House feature which will let you exchange items for some real world money. Character customization has also been overhauled, as there are no attributes or skill points available. Instead, new skills will be unlocked as players level up, and your attributes increase automatically. 

While some might not be too pleased with the developer's recently announced always-online DRM for Diablo 3, the game itself is poised to be yet another potential blockbuster for Blizzard.


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Guest comment
Gribblegib on August 2, 2011 11:42AM
All this waiting for Diablo 3 and it just looks like friken shit. It's as if they completely ignored all the positive attributes of D1 and D2, and completely took this game in the direction of WoW. It's pathetic. And the character skill/attributes system...are they serious? They're gearing this game for 11 yearold kids who don't want the confusion of specifying their character, or strategizing on what to do. There are games more deserving of this attention. Seriously Blizzard, what the hell were you thinking? And why make us wait for so long for this junk? It's pathetic.
Guest comment
Grigglegibh8r on August 2, 2011 12:35PM
qq more. i bet u buy the game still
nickk47 on August 2, 2011 03:37PM
^Agree with this guy. Dont judge the game yet. It will probably be a great game, based on Blizzard's track records.
danieljury3 on August 3, 2011 03:37AM
One thing I always liked in previous games was leveling up and getting a bunch of points to distribute to various stats and skills. I wonder how well it will work with some of the choice taken out of it.
Puck on August 3, 2011 07:57AM
Wow I am REALLY disappointed about skill pts/attributes being removed. A lot of the fun from D1 and D2 was magic niche specific characters and playing with different skill combinations. Does this mean every level XX of the same class will be the same besides gear???

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