Logitech Revue Price Finally Drops

gebraset - July 31, 2011 05:44PM in Internet, Music / Video Players

Logitech partnered with Google some time ago to try and revolutionize part of the entertainment industry with its Revue product that features Google TV. Sadly, the price tag differed many customers, and it still has until just recently, since the price has finally drop from the astounding $299, to a more pleasant $99. This announcement comes shortly after Logitech released news of its sales being very low in this last quarter, and that returns were somewhat high on the Revue product. Luckily for the company, the returns rates have settled down to the par of what Logitech expects for its products, and is now hoping that more customers will take the plunge into the Google TV universe with the price now being slashed by a third. All major retailers, as well as of the official company website are now featuring the new and updated price tag.