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Graphene Boosting Batteries

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 10:37AM

Many times before we have shared with you news about how graphene, a one-atom thick structure of carbon, can replace silicon in electronics and bring with it greater efficiency and ability. Of course if the electronics can operate faster, the consumer will want every aspect of these future items to be faster, and the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory has found a way to help with that. By sandwiching the metal tin between layers of graphene, then heating the composite to 300C (572F) in an atmosphere of hydrogen and argon, they can make high performance electrodes for batteries. This will allow for the creation of faster charging lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged repeatedly without degradation. What it found was the layers of tin, after the heating, become columns that change the distance between the graphene sheets and the volume of the tin structure. That change in volume is what directly causes the increased performance and is particular to this composite.

With all these new discoveries of how graphene works and what one can do with it, you almost have to wonder what the 'miracle-material' will be in fifty years to replace this one.

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