Leaked iPod Touch With 3G Shows Up on iTunes

edwardquilo - July 28, 2011 08:11AM in Music / Video Players

Ladies and gentlemen, say an awkward hello to the iPod Touch with 3G. We're just weeks away from an expected iPod Touch reveal in September, and a leaked image of a 3G-capable iPod Touch mysteriously finds its way into the iTunes website. Coincidence? The promo shot was immediately taken off the US site, but peek into iTunes UK and you'll still see the iPod Touch sporting 3G on the status bar, as of this writing. The rumored product is thought to be capable of supporting FaceTime and iMessage on a 3G connection. This latest discovery, not to mention the fact that cellular toggles for the iPod Touch are clearly visible in iOS 5 beta 4, make the strongest proof yet that we are looking at Apple's next-generation iPod Touch. Now with 3G.