Walmart Integrates Vudu

gebraset - July 26, 2011 05:40PM in Internet, Digital Photography/Video

With the grocery store chain picking up Vudu a while back, it seems odd that the company is just now integrating the service into their website, but it is so. Customers that log onto the Walmart website can now stream videos to their computer, as well as other compatible devices such as Blu-ray players, and streaming media boxes as well. Rental prices are far and in between with price ranging from the lowly one dollar area, all the way up to six dollars. Purchases still remain about the same as they have always been however, with videos starting at just five dollars and going up from that price point. Vudu on the Walmart site compliments the physical media that the grocery store chain has, which is currently now at 20,000 different movies, though obviously the company is seeing the growing need for media distribution in other forms with this addition.