LG Plans For Larger OLED Screens

gebraset - July 23, 2011 09:51PM in Manufacturers

Last summer, LG showed off their own 31-inch television, which awed consumers, since most OLED screens are usually under the 20 inch mark or found in mobile devices such as cell phones. However, LG sees much potential in the OLED technology, which offers amazing color output, screen brightness, and power consumption ratings as well. By next year, the Korean manufacturer is planning on introducing a 55 inch OLED television screen to the public, offering the largest sized single OLED screen there is to date. The CEO of the company says that the IPS technology is much better suited for the mobile space, but as a whole, they are planning on switching to the larger side of the spectrum. Of course the price for this OLED television will be unheard of, but it will be a pure technological feat to see such a product produced, if LG comes through on their expectations.