Apple Claims Victory in HTC Lawsuit

F13Bubba - July 18, 2011 12:29AM in Mobile

Count another one for the Apple legal team; the International Trade Commission has ruled that HTC has violated Apple patents for technology used in the iPhone. The tech giant filed a complaint with the ITC in March of 2010, and of the 10 patents listed in the complaint, the ITC’s administrative judge found HTC to be in violation of two. 

HTC has said it will fight the decision, but if the company’s appeal fails it could mean HTC would be banned from importing its products into the US. While it’s likely that the company would come to a settlement with Apple, the loss would be a blow to all Android backers, and could possibly trigger a new string of Apple lawsuits. The patents named in the ruling constitute a large part of the Android OS, and could have negative effects on all Android manufacturers.