New Dual Monitor Laptop Released

Prunes - July 17, 2011 03:51PM in Monitors

Since the day the first laptop was released, laptops haven’t changed much. They have gotten smaller and with more horsepower, but they still retain somewhat the same shape.That might change soon, at least if GScreen is the one to decide. GScreen has recently introduced its SpaceBook, a laptop with not one but two 17.3” 1080p monitors. It sure isn’t something you see every day, but then again someone has to be creative for the technology to move on. Since it has dual screens, it is of course quite a bit bigger and heavier, but it also adds something that other laptops simply can’t offer. It is now possible to pre-order it with either an Intel i5 system at $2395 or an i7 system at $3795.

Do you think it will be a hit or will it fail completely? Leave a comment.