Apple Tests The Display Waters

gebraset - July 17, 2011 01:43PM in Manufacturers

Recently, Apple has been refreshing much of its line offering better products are even better prices to its consumers. Leaked upon their website today as a mistake, though taken down shortly thereafter, were pictures of a possible dual display setup using the Thunderbolt connection. What was shown on the picture was a MacBook Pro connected to two Apple Cinema Displays through a notable Thunderbolt cord that had a splitter at one end, enabling users to have much more desktop space with their current Apple Cinema Display. It has not been confirmed however if this image is actually of something to come, or just a Photoshop teaser, though with the release of Lion coming in the next few weeks, it may actually be a reality once it hits the market. Only time will tell obviously, since Apple has made no official comment about this picture or if the technology to do this will be enabled in Lion.