Why XCOM is a Shooter and Not an RTS

bp9801 - July 12, 2011 10:48PM in Gaming

Maybe you're an old-school gamer and have fond memories of the XCOM series. Perhaps you've simply just heard the names or people talk fondly of the series. The XCOM games are, arguably, one of the better real-time stratey games you could get, even with its age. 2K Games is reviving the franchise, but it won't be returning as an RTS game, but rather a first-person shooter. 2K doesn't want to label it as an FPS, but the game is basically one. Sure, the new XCOM has some tactical elements to it, but it is still a shooter. The reason behind the move from RTS to FPS is, according to 2K, because gamers don't want an RTS and in fact, RTS games are no longer contemporary. Maybe 2K has never heard of StarCraft 2 or the Dawn of War series, but it seems those games aren't contemporary. I have a different opinion on the matter, but 2K Games seems to think that XCOM should be a shooter since that is what everyone wants. What do you guys think?