EA Says Valve is to Blame for Crysis 2 Disappearing from Steam

bp9801 - July 7, 2011 09:54PM in Gaming

A little while back, Crysis 2 disappeared from Steam. You could get the game from EA's Origin service along with other digital distribution sites, but not from Steam. EA made some comment about how some of Valve's policies with Steam was the reason for the removal, and now some confirmation has come out. EA is claiming that Valve is to blame for why Crysis 2 is no longer on Steam, citing a dispute with how games are patched and updated on the service. EA has no problem with whichever company sells one of its game, but the process of patching and updating a game should be handled directly by EA in order to build a rapport with its customers. Due to that, EA removed Crysis 2 from Steam and says that some future titles won't be available on the service as well. It seems EA has issues with how Valve wants to handle how games available on its Steam service are updated, and because of that, EA pulled Crysis 2 and may do so again with other titles in the future.